Hair Restoration

Dr. Faina Aesthetics & MediSpa Hair Restoration with DERIVE

Why choose DERIVE?

It is a comprehensive treatment program to help fortify current hair follicles, speeds up regrowth of new hair, decreases inflammation, increases hydration, increases blood flow, and helps remove dead cells from around follicles. There are NO injections.

What can DERIVE treat?

DERIVE treats various types of Alopecia (hair loss) - androgenic, autoimmune, and post-covid. It is beneficial for both women and men experiencing early or late stage hair loss.

What can you expect with your Aquafirme treatment?

The process is completely non-invasive and can be applied safely to all skin types. Aquafirme can give an immediate natural glow and true radiance to the skin. However, a series of 1 to 3 treatments may be needed to achieve optimum results. The effects of each treatment will continue to improve.


What makes DERIVE unique?

DERIVE is used in conjunction with the Aquafirme. There are absolutely no injections. The process involves 4 sessions of the Aquafirme with ULTRA technology. In between, patients apply the novel DERIVE treatment to the scalp twice daily. Results can be seen as soon as 1 month. Maximum results are seen at 12 months.

What are the components of DERIVE serums?

All of the components of DERIVE are plant based. Some are ingredients are: Nigella Sativa, Phyllanthus Emblica, Murrava Koenigii, and Acacia Concinna.